From the moment he discovered his father’s alto saxophone on the kitchen table, picked it up, and blew a fully matured tone at the age of 9 to his parents’ wondering ears, David Milazzo has been wowing peers, teachers, and audiences alike. He now plays soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, and flute.
     And so it began: David auditioned and gained placement in the Windham Swing Band at age 11 on alto, while simultaneously excelling in clarinet to the point of making “A” ratings in all of the local NHMEA “Solo and Ensemble” competitions in each instrument. The summers found him at the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Camp, and studying with the likes of Lida Baker and her husband, legendary jazz musician David Baker, who remarked, upon hearing him play, “Man, you sure know how to put air in that horn!” He won the Judge’s Choice Award, as well as a the Special Citation for Outstanding Musicianship at the Clark Terry UNH Jazz Festival. He received a fully tuition paid scholarship to the Berklee College’s five week summer program. He also began to perform in Boston at several venues including Slade’s, and Ryles with the likes of Frank Wilkins and Bobby Tynes. The following summer, he was awarded the highest award available and was selected to be one of 14 at the Berklee College’s summer five week program, a fully paid spot in its “Jazz Workshop,” with Terri Lynn Carrington, recording multiple CDs and performing with numerous ensembles. David is also one of the few saxophonists chosen to attend the Brubeck Institute Summer Jazz Colony.
     Throughout, David has played for various charity events such as the “Partnership for Successful Living” in Nashua, NH, as well as been recorded at the Acton Jazz Café in Acton, MA, traveled to the Vermont Jazz Center for jam sessions, and been the focus of Brattleboro’s home concert series in which he collaborated with the Director of the Vermont Jazz Center’s Eugene Uman and others. In Boston, New York and then traveling north to Vermont, David has played with the likes of George Garzone, Richie Cole, Cercie Miller, Ted Casher, Greg Abate, and Jeff Harrington. Late summer of 2010 found him on stage with Frank Wilkins and his group, playing for the Beantown Jazz Festival in Boston, where he had a “battle of the saxes” with alto saxophonist Pat Loomis, to the delight of the crowd! Recent venues include New York City’s “Iguana Café NYC,” “Cleopatra’s Needle,” and “The Jazz Standard.”
     In sum, David’s teacher Harry Skoler, Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music put it this way: “David’s command, not only of the instrument, but also of the ability to communicate profound beauty in the language of music is a wonder to behold…”.